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1 for you
and i'm in love with you...
and all your little things.
idk man but ziall
belle, 15, directioner
[i figured it out from black and white]
enjoy your stay xoxo

But can we just focus on how they look at each other and Niall moved his arm up further and Zayn looks like he’s about to kiss him and then he turns away…

Yes yes there’s always room to chat about that


but imagine browsing the makeup aisle in target and Luke the employee walks up and babbles on about the sale going on with all of their cosmetics but then adds,”but really you’d be pretty with or with-out it” as he smiles and confidently struts away knowing he just nailed that line but a few minutes later you hear a crash and that tall boy who just hit on you is now sprawled out on the floor along with the display he ran into

What better way to spend my birthday morning than a Julian smith/coffee marathon with my best friend?:)
But guys remember when they pretended to be eachother
alright i’ve looked over your resume and i’m quite sorry to say you seem quite

t minus 12 hours till I turn the big 1 6


remember when zayn tweeted he was taking a bath and then didn’t tweet again for a month and we all thought he drowned because he can’t swim


: guys, harry dm’d us and apologized. please don’t be mad at him.”

we weren’t, but thanks

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